Penalty From July 15, 2019 Racing Action

On Monday July 15th, 2019, There was an Incident on the track and in the pits between two Sportsman Drivers; Ricky Thompson #1R and Travis Bruno #33R.

There was some pushing and retaliation on the track, which then continued into the pits. Mr. Thompson’s pit crew and friends went after Mr. Bruno’s crew and friends.

MIR Security, Staff and the Tribal Police were quickly on hand to disperse the crowd and get everyone to calm down.

After viewing videos and statements, The MIR Officials, Owners and Management have decided to suspend Mr. Ricky Thompson and Mr. Travis Bruno for 2 weeks of racing, both their pay and points for that night will also taken away.

Drivers are responsible for any crew member that are involved in their race team and going over to another race teams pit stall will not be tolerated.

Both can return to racing at Mohawk International Raceway on August 2, 2019.