Bentley Gray Takes Sportsman Win Friday At Mohawk International Raceway

HOGANSBURG, NY – Despite of Mother Nature’s effort to foil the plans for racing on Friday July 9, she could not get the best of the Mohawk track crew. With overcast skies all day long, the Track Management ensure fans we would be racing and they were not wrong. As the sight of the first green appeared so the brilliant sunshine.

A very scary racing accident during Hot Laps would see David Norcross catapult his Mod Lite into the air and roll 4 times. The driver was reported to be ok via trackside.

After drivers held their own on a very tacky fast track, it was time for the four features of the evening. First up would be the Bandits for their 10 lap affair. Curtis Smith and Gary Sharlow would start up on the front row to being the feature. Lap 1 would see Curtis Smith gain a sizeable advantage from Sharlow. Frances White who had started in the 3rd spot would battle Sharlow for most the event. However with three laps remaining, Sharlow would take his car pitside due to smoke. Smith would go unchallenged and park his car in Victory Lane on this night.

The Mod Lites were up next for their 15 lap feature. Harley Brown and Jason Premo would lead it from the front. The first 12 laps it looked as Brown would lead it wire to wire. However on Lap 13 Nick Mallette would take a run from the highside entering Turn 3 and come out of Turn 4 with the lead. Mallette would go on the pick up the win.

With handicapping in full effect, the Sportsman class saw some first timers on the front row. Eugene Tarbell and Bentley Gray would start from the front row. On Lap 3, the yellow would be displayed as Billy Cook would overshoot Turn 2 and end up deep in the brush. He would be able to drive away with both driver and car unharmed. By Lap 4, Bentley Gray was able to drive past Eugene Tarbell to gain the lead. On Lap 8, Anthony Rasmussen would end up sideways coming out of the Turn 2, which would bring out the yellow flag. Bentley Gray would go on the pick up his first ever win in the Sportsman class in a very emotional Victory Lane.

To conclude the night of racing, the Novice Sportsman would venture out on to the speedway for their 15 lap feature. It would be the Blayden Arquette show as he would lead all 15 laps and not be challenged during this event.



C.Smith, F.White, K.Greenfield, J.Fountain, J.Young, J.Verne Jr, 73, J.Martin, R.Gay, L.Sharlow, G.Sharlow,

Mod Lites:

N.Mallette, J.Premo, T.Dibble, J.Putnam, H.Brown, J.Lyon, W.Dibble, S.Sharpe, S.Shatraw, D.Norcross

Novice Sportsman:

B.Arquette, X.Delormier, P.Stacey, S.Bushey Jr, T.David, C.Vallance, D.Gonyo, T.Lamica, B.Reif


B.Gray, D.Gonyo, J.Stone, Z.Arquiette, N.Heywood, D.Reif, M.Delormier, C.Swamp,D.Bradley, D.Ellsworth, T.Cook, C.Cayea, K.Smoke, D.Legrow, D.Legrow Jr, J.Rush, E.Tarbell, J.Pete, J.Begor, D.Mitchell, M. Fewster, G.Snyder, B.McGinley, R.Thompson,B.Cook, T.Back, A.Rasmussen, C.Castell