Tim Fuller Takes Home 358-Modified Feature Event Win Monday At Mohawk International

HOGANSBURG, NY – A very rare Monday night of racing at MIR saw some familiar faces return to Victory Lane. The 2nd round of the MIR Series would be on hand as well as Sportsman and Pro Stocks on the card. At intermission, Mohawk International Raceway would have a ceremony to honor “The Gentleman” Billy Cook for his 50 years of racing and being an outstanding ambassador to dirt racing. A very well prepared racing surface was set to see the 3 features of the evening.

First up, it would be the MIR Series 45 Lap race for the Twin Leafs 358 modifieds. After drawing the pole position Tim Fuller would quickly settle into the race lead. By Lap 5, it appeared as if Fuller would go unchallenged during this all green event. However on Lap 10 Johnny Jackson came within striking distance of Fuller by displaying 2 wheels as the cars raced out of Turn 2. Fuller decided it was all he needed to see and would go on to lead the remaining 35 laps. Fuller remarked in Victory Lane how great the car felt running the top side around the raceway.

The 2nd feature of the evening would see CrossRoads Tobacco Sportsman, Daryl Nutting and Delbert Legrow Jr fire from the front row for their 30 lap event. Nutting would set a fast pace in the early few laps but Legrow Jr would be up to the challenge and slip past Nutting for the lead as the cars entered Turn 3 on Lap 4. On Lap 10, Bentley Gray would slide off of Turn 2 and bring out the first caution of the evening. On the restart, Nick Heywood would start along side Legrow Jr. By Lap 11 Heywood would capture the lead and not look back. Heywood would go on to pick up the win. Anthony Rasmussen would finish with a tremendous 3rd place spot.

The final feature of the evening would see Tyler Bushey and Kevin Fetterly Jr start from the front row and engage in a well fought battle for all 20 laps. Bushey would lead the first 13 laps but Fetterly Jr duck underneath him for the lead as both cars entered Turn 1 on Lap 14. Bushey would not go away very easily and kept pace with Fetterly Jr.. By Lap 15 Bushey would recapture the lead and go on to lead the final 5 laps to pick up the win.


MIR 358 Series race #2

1. Fuller 2. Jackson 3. Terrance 4. Maresca 5. Rudolph 6. Willix 7. J.Gill 8. G. Akins 9. M.McLaughlin 10. Forbes 11. Woodruff. 12. Foley 13. B.Cook 14. Mahaney 15. Frennier 16. McGrew 17. Mitchell 18. L.Fuller 19. McLean 20. Meeks


1. N.Heywood 2. D. Reif 3.A.Rasmussen 4. D. Nutting 5. R.Shanahan 6. Z. Arquiett 7. D.Legrow jr 8. R.Thompson 9. J.Begor 10. DJ Gonyo 11. D.Bradley 12. T.Back 13. K.Smoke 14. M.Delormier 15. B.Wheeler 16. C.Castell 17. D. Legrow 18. F.Swamp

19. G.Snyder 20. G.Henry 21. B.Arquette 22. J.Pete 23. C.Swamp 24. C.Vallance 25. D.Rogers 26. C.Cayea 27. B.Gray 28. S Bushey Jr

Pro Stocks

1. T.Bushey 2. K.Fetterly Jr 3. B.Ward 4. M.White 5. E.Gilbert 6. L.Bressette 7. O.White 8. P.Schroy 9. A.Mossow 10. B. Nichols