Chris Raabe Takes Opening Night Feature Win At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – After a week of near record temperatures the fast track of the North was ready to go with 6 divisions. The 358’s and Pro Stocks would make their return to the track along with Sportsman, Novice Sportsman, Bandits, and Mod Lites. A large crowd was on hand to witness some exciting action.

The Bandits would be the first feature of the evening to see the track. Gary Sharlow would make quick work of the field and lead it wire to wire to pick up win #1 on the season.

The Novice Sportsman would be up next and Cameron Reif would domintate the feature and also lead every lap to pick up the win.

The Mod Lites would set to fire for their 15 lap affair. Jason Premo would take the early lead and look to run away and hide. However defending track champion Tristan Dibble had other ideas. Dibble would run down the leader and make it last lap, last turn pass for the win to pick up the win.

The Pro stocks were the next to answer the call and the large crowd eagerly awaited for one of their barn burning affairs. Kevin Fetterly Jr would lead the first 9 laps and appeared ready to collect the checkered flag. However on Lap 14 the yellow would make an appearance as Anthony Mossow would spin out in Turn 4. Prior to this Bruno Richard had worked his way up through the field into the #2 spot. The yellow had make it a Green-White-Checkers finish and Bruno Richard beat Fetterly to the finish line by half a nose to pick up the win.

The Sportsman division was up next as Greg Snyder and DJ Gonyo would lead the way from the front row. DJ Gonyo looked as he would carry his momentum over from the 2021 campaign on this night. However with Shane Pecore in the field and his ability to pick cars off it was a different story. By Lap 9 Pecore had gained the advantage and did not have to check his rear view mirror for the remaining 16 laps. Pecore would pick up the win.

The 358’s were the last feature of the evening and it would the Chris Raabe show as he took the lead entering Turn 1 and would go onto lead all 30 laps.

Next week at the Mohawk International Raceway will be a regular show for all classes. The first green flag is set to go at 7:30pm!


Dirtcar 358’s:
1. C.Raabe 2. C.Terrance 3. B.McDonald 4. J.Jackson 5. G.Foley 6. J.Stone 7. M.Stacey 8. D.Mitchell 9. T.Jock 10. P.St.Sauveur 11. M.Woodruff 12. T.Stone DNS

Dirtcar Sportsman
1. S.Pecore 2. C. Gaureau 3. DJ Gonyo 4. D.Bradley 5. C.Swamp 6. G.Snyder 7. J.Begor 8. S.Bushey Jr 9. T.Back 10. C.Castell 11.B.Gray 12.J.Pete 13. A. Heywood 14. C.Vallance 15. M.Woodruff 16. D.LeGrow 17. M.Fewster 18. G.Cyr 19. B.Cook 20. F.Swamp 21. M.Bourey 22. C.Cayea 23. B.Arquette 24. M.Leonard 25.R.Thompson 26. M.Rush 27. T.Cook 28. J.Rush 29. E.Tarbell

Dirtcar Prostocks
1. B.Richard 2. K.Fetterly 3. Z.Daniels 4. I.Bressette 5. C.Gauvreau 6. M. Lalonde 7. B.Ward 8. T.Bushey 9. B.Nichols 10.E.Gilbert 11. M.White 12. A.Mossow 13. R.Aubin

Novice Sportsman
1. C. Reif 2. P.Stacey 3. D.Gonyo 4. B.Benedict 5. S.Trombley 6. T.Lamica 7. T.David

1. G.Sharlow 2. N.Leonard 3. M.Parker 4, N. Harden 5. J.Putman 6. CJ Smith 7. J.Fountain

Mod Lites
1. T.Dibble 2. J.Premo 3. W.Dibble 4. J.Lyons 5. S.Shatraw 6. H.Brown