Terrance, Sharlow & Reif Go Back-To-Back At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – After a cloudy and overcast start to the morning, the sunny skies appeared later in the day to provide some very exciting action. A full program of Dirtcar 358’s, Dirtcar Sportsman, Novice Sportsman and Mod Lites were on hand for night #3 of the 2022 campaign. The features were set to go after some thrilling heat racing action.

First up it was the Bandits for their 10 lap feature. Gary Sharlow would start on the pole along side Nate Leonard. Sharlow would go unchallenged and lead all 10 laps to pick up win #2 of the season.

Next up the Mod Lites were out for their feature with Kevin Boucher firing from the pole. Boucher would go on to lead it wire to wire and pick up the win.

The Dirtcar 358’s would be up next for 30 laps. Michael Maresca would start on the front row with Carey Terrance to his outside. Maresca would get off to a great start and show the way until on Lap 8 Chris Raabe would take it to the infield. The field would remain green however as Maresca would lead it by a torrid pace with Terrance in pursuit. By Lap 20 Maresca would put 8 cars a lap down. However on Lap 24 the motor of Maresca would appear to expire as Terrance would inherit the lead and go on to pick his 2nd win in a row.

The Sportsman feature would see Thomas Cook and Cedric Gauvreau start on the front row. Cook wouldn’t wait for anyone as he would lead the first 14 laps until Mark Fewster would bring out the yellow when he ended up hitting a yuke tire. Fewster would be able to pull away under his own power. On the restart, Cook would again fire from the top side and break away from Gauvreau. However Shane Pecore would start to pressure Gauvreau for the number 2 spot. By Lap 19 Pecore would overtake Gauvreau for the 2nd spot. But no one had anything for Cook as he would go on to lead all 25 laps to pick up his first win of the season at MIR.

The final feature was set as Cameron Reif, coming off of back to back wins, would start from the pole. Reif would fire right away and go on to pick up his 3rd straight win.


Dirtcar 358’s:
1. C. Terrance 2. J.Jackson 3. B. McDonald 4. J.Stone 5. T.Stone 6. G.Foley 7. M.Woodruff
8. D.Mitchell 9. T. Jock 10. G.Snyder 11. M. Maresca 12. P.Forbes 12. C.Raabe

Dirtcar Sportsman:
1. T.Cook 2. S.Pecore 3. C. Gauvreau 4. D.Gonyo 5. C.Castell 6. C.Swamp 7. K.Smoke 8.D.Bradley 9. R. Thompson 10. J.Rose 11. C.Cayea 12. F.Swamp 13. B. Arquette 14. M. Bourey 15. J.Pete 16. E.Tarbell 17. C.Vallance 18. B.Cook 19. M.Fewster 20. M.Rush 21. D.Legrow Jr 22. S.Bushey 23. D.Reif

Novice Sportsman:
1. C.Reif 2. J.Wood 3. M.McCarthy 4. D.Gonyo 5. T.Lamica 6. S.Trombley 7. T.David 8. K.Reif

1. G.Sharlow 2. J.Fountain 3. T.Green 4. J. Trapp 5. N.Harden 6. N.Leonard 7. H.Snyder 8. M.Tarbell 9. C.Smith J.Putnam (DNS)

Mod Lites:
1. K.Boucher 2. T.Dibble 3. J.Premo 4. J.Lyon 5. D.Denosyers 6. W.Dibble