Maresca Wins Race #1 Of The Good Leaf Series


HOGANSBURG, NY – With wall to wall sunshine on Friday July 1, 2022 the fans were treated to a great evening of racing and a fireworks display. The Dirtcar 358s race #1 of the Good Leaf series on the agenda along with the Dirtcar Sportsman, the Mohawk Series for Pro stocks, Novice Sportsman, Bandits, and Mod Lites. After some quick heat racing action the features were set to go.

First up were the Bandits for their 10 lap feature. Starting on the pole it would be Jacob Leonard with last week’s winner Frances White aside him. On the start White would gain the early lead with Leonard in pursuit. By Lap 4 White would being to pull away from Leonard. However White would go back to back and pick up his second win of the season at Mohawk.

The Mod Lites would be up next for their 12 lap affair. Dan Desnoyers would start from the pole position. However Harley Brown, who started in the 4th position, would power his way to the lead on Lap 1. On Lap 3 Tristin Dibble would gain the lead and bring Kevin Carrier along with him as he would battle Brown for the second spot. Dibble would go on to pick the win over Carrier.

The Good Leaf series would be up next as next as Chris Raabe would draw the number 1 starting position. Jordan McCreadie would fire away in the second spot. On the first green flag Raabe would set sail into 1 and open up a 5 car length lead on the opening lap. McCreadie would maintain second. On lap 20 Michael Maresca would find the fast way around McCreadie and Raabe to gain the lead. Maresca would go onto to lead the final 20 laps to pick up win #1 of the Good Leaf series.
The Dirtcar Sportsman were next to take to the track with Eugene Tarbell and Matt Bourey to set the pace from the front row. The 25 lap event would see Bourey be the race leader on Lap 1. However the yellow would make its first apperance of the evening as Melvin Rush would slide off the track between turns 1 and 2. On the restart, Bourey and Billy Cook would fire from the front row. Bourey would gain the advantage again on the restart. By Lap 4 Shane Pecore would pass Bourey for the lead going into turn 1.

On Lap 5 Thomas Cook would clear Bourey for the number two spot. Pecore would remain the race leader until on Lap 9 Cook would begin to challenge Pecore for the lead. The yellow would be displayed again on Lap 9 as Dustin Bradley would collect a yuke tire upon entering Turn 4. On the restart Pecore and Cook would await for the green coming off of turn 4. As the drivers battle side by side entering turn 1 Pecore would find the corner first. On lap 11 the yellow would come out again as Dan Jalbert would park his car in the infield coming off of turn 2. Once again on the double file restart Pecore would maintain his lead as the cars sailed down the backstretch. Dale Gonyo would begin to apply pressure for the number two position. Gonyo would slip past Cook and start to run down the leader of Pecore. However Gonyo wouldn’t be able to show more than a car nose as Pecore would collect the checkers.

The Mohawk Pro Stock Special for the Pro Stocks would be up next as Louie Jackson and Marc Lalonde would be the front row for the start of 30 laps. Jackson would wait for no one as he would jump to the early lead for the first 8 laps. On Lap 8 the yellow would come out as Kyle Whalen and Burton Ward would come together off of turn 4. On the restart Jackson would lead again but Ian Bressette would get by Bruno Richard for the number two spot. Bressette would stick his car on the bottom to go side by side with Jackson for the lead. The drivers would exhange postions 1 and 2 for the next 10 laps. On Lap 18 Richard would muscle his machine underneath Bressette for spot number 2 as Jackson would lead. On lap 20 Richard would move past Jackson on the bottom for the lead. Richard would go unchallenged to the checkered flag to pick his 3rd victory of the season at Mohawk.

The Novice Sportsman 10 lap feature would see Ty David and DJ Gonyo lead the field to the green flag. David would get off to a great start and would lead the first 3 laps before Josh Jock would apply some pressure. Jock would clear David on Lap 4 and go onto pick up the win.


Good Leafs Series Race #1:
1. M. Maresca 2 .J.MCreadie 3. C.Raabe 4. G.Morin 5. C.Terrance 6. L.Fuller 7. L.Willix 8. M.Woodruff 9. J.Jackson 10. B.McDonald 11. R. Arthbuthnot 12. P.Robes 13. J.Stone 14. T. Jock jr 15. JF Corriveau 16. C. Frennier 17. G. Atknis 18. D. Mitchell 19. T. Atkins 20. B.Matkinson 21. D. Reif 22. S. Shaw 23. M. Stacey 24. T. Stone

DirtCar Sportsman
1. S. Pecore 2. D. Gonyo 3. F. Swamp 4. T. Cook 5. J.Pete 6. C.Swamp 7. E. Tarbell 8. M. Bourey 9. D. Legrow jr 10. K. Smoke 11. R. Delormier 12. F. Mackin 13. C. Castell 14. S.Bushey 15. M. Leonard 16. J. Rose 17. B. Cook 18. B. Arquette 19. B. Gray 20. C. Gauvreau 21. G. Snyder 22. M. Rush 23. C. Vallance 24. D. Bradley 25. R. Thompson 26. D. Jalbert

DirtCar Pro Stock
1. B. Richard 2. L. Jackson 3. S. Lebrun 4. I. Bressette 5. J. White 6. B. Ward 7. R. Aubin 8. T. Bushey 9. Z. Daniels 10. E. Loyer 11. E. Gilbert 12. J. Clarke 13. D. Gauvreau 14. O. White 15. B. Nichols 16. A. Mossow 17. K. Fetterly jr 18. K. Whalen 19. M. Lalonde
Mod Lites
1. T. Dibble 2. K. Boucher 3. H. Brown 4. F. Laliberte 5. D. Desnoyers 6. W. Dibble 7. W. Applegate 8. J. Lyon

1. J. Jock 2. X. Delormier 3. T. David 4. DJ. Gonyo 5. P. Stacey 6. D. Cole 7. B. Benedict 8. J. Wood 9. T. Lamica 10. S. Trombley 11. J. Thompson

1. F. White 2. J. Fountain 3. T. Green 4. 46 5. 17 6. L.Sharlow 7. M. Tarbell 8. R.Gay