Pecore Wins The Twin Leaf Series Event Friday Night At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – After a long holiday weekend fans and drivers were eager to return to MIR for another night of racing. On this night the St. Regis Flower Company and the Twin Leaf Sportsman Series race along with the Novice Sportsman, Dirtcar Pro Stocks, Bandits and Mod Lites were on hand as well. After the heats were done it was time for the features and first up were the Bandits for 12 laps.

Starting on the pole it would be Hunter Snyder. On the first green flag Jeff Putman would dive bomb going into turn 1 after starting from the back row to grab the lead. By Lap 3 Jacob Fountain would take the lead coming from the bottom off of turn 2 with Putnam maintaining second. On lap 6 the yellow would be displayed as a car would come to a stop off of turn 2. On the single file restart, Fountain would keep the lead and bring it home to Victory Lane for the first time this season.
The Mod Lites would be the next feature for 12 laps. Tristan Dibble would start from the pole. However Kevin Bouncher would take the lead on lap 1 and go unchallenged to pick up his 3rd win of the season.
The Novice Sportsman would make their onto the track for their 12 lap event. It appeared as Ty David would lead all 12 until the yellow would come out on lap 9. On the restart Pryor Stacey would fly to the inside of David and the two cars would race on the front and back stretches. However David would not be defeated on this night and would pick up his first career win at Mohawk.

The Twin Leafs 35 lap event would see Kristian Smoke and Fire Swamp take the green flag first. On lap 1 Swamp would set the pace as he gained the lead coming off turn 2. By lap 15 Shane Pecore would get by Jamy Begor for the second spot and would begin to run down Swamp. With heavy lap traffic becoming a factor for Pecore, Swamp would begin to pull away once again. By lap 27 Pecore would work his magic through the lap traffic and take the lead from Swamp. Swamp would keep Pecore within his sights with a handful of laps remaining. On lap 33 the yellow would come out for the first time in the feature. Pecore and Swamp would fire from the single file restart on lap 33. Pecore would fire and go on to lead the final two laps to pick up the win, the second of the Twin Leaf series.

The final feature of the evening would be the Pro Stocks for 30 laps. Zach Daniels and Justin White would be set to battle to the first green flag. On lap 1 Daniels would gain the early lead but to only see the yellow come out for Stephane Lebrun as he would come to a stop between turn 1 and 2. On the restart Daniels and White would fire with Daniels gaining the lead yet again. By lap 3 Bruno Richard would make his way around White for the number two spot. Daniels and Richard would run the bottom until lap 4 when the yellow would make an appearance. On the restart Daniels and Richard would race to turn 1. Richard would be quicker on the top side but Daniels would keep pace from the bottom. The drivers would race side by side for the next 6 laps until Daniels would gain the lead with Richard in pursuit on the bottom racing groove. On lap 20 Daniels’ car would come to a stop as he entered turn 3 and it would bring out the yellow. On the restart Richard would be the leader with Denis Gauvreau in second. Richard would go uncontested for the final 10 laps to pick up the win, his 4th in 7 days.


Twin Leaf Series:

S.Pecore, J. Begor, F. Swamp, D. Gonyo, C.Gauvreau, J.Jock. T.Cook, D.Bradley, K.Smoke, J.Cyr, J.Rose, J.Pete, B.Gray, R. Thompson, S.Bushey, C.Swamp, C.Cayea, B.Cook, B.Arquette, E.Tarbell,D.LeGrow Jr, C.Castell, C.Vallance, J.Rush, M.Bourey, G.Snyder, M.Rush, C.Reif, F.Mackin, G.Cyr DNS

Pro Stocks:
B.Richard, D.Gauvreau, S.Lebrun, I.Bressette, J.White, R.Aubin, L.Jackson, E.Gilbert, K.Fetterly Jr, E.Loyer, O.White, A.Mossow, Z.Daniels, B.Nichols, M.Lalonde

T.David, P.Stacey, D.Gonyo, B.Benedict, C.Perry, S.Trembley, M.McCarthy, K.Reif, J.Arquette, M.Fregoe

J.Fountain, T.Green, J.Putnam, J.Beeson, H.Snyder, 69, M.Tarbell

Mod Lites:
K.Boucher, T.Dibble, H.Brown, J.Premo, W.Dibble, J. Lyon DNS