Michael Maresca Wins On Green Reserve Dispensary Night At Mohawk International Thursday


HOGANSBURG, NY – With threatening skies in the area the track prep crew was ready to challenge Mother Nature and come away victorious. Green Reserve Dispensary would be on hand as the evening’s sponsor as they welcomed the Dirtcar 358 modifieds for Round 2 of the Good Leaf series, Dirtcar Sportsman, Dirtcar Pro Stocks and the Mod Lites. After the heats were completed, it was time for the features.

First to go, would be the Mod Lites for 12 laps. It would be Wayne Dibble and Jack Lyon on the front row. Harley Brown would go on to pick up the win on the last lap as he would pass Wayne Dibble.

The Pro Stocks were up next for 20 laps. Kevin Fetterly Jr would start from the pole and to his side would be Marc Lalonde. On lap 2 Denis Gauvreau and Roch Aubin would come together coming off turn 4 to bring out the first yellow. On the restart, Fetterly would again gain the advantage. However on lap 8 Zach Daniels would overtake Fetterly and bring Eli Gilbert with him. On lap 9 the yellow would come out again. On the restart Daniels would fire quickly and lead them off of turn 2 with Gilbert in pursuit. Daniels would remain the race leader by the half way mark with GIlbert still in tow. Zach Daniels would lead the rest of the way to pick up first ever feature win in a Pro stock.

Round 2 of the Good Leaf 358 series would be up next for 40 laps. They would see Michael Maresca and Jordan McCreadie lead from the front row. Maresca would get off to a early lead and begin to break away. By lap 22 Maresca would hide himself deep in lap traffic. Maresca would go unchallenged to pick second win of the Good Leaf series. Maresca stated in Victory Lane how great the track was as he could run any lane. Gage Morin started 9th and finished in second.

The final feature of the evening would be the Sportsman for 25 laps. Rickey Thompson would fire from the pole. On lap 3, with Chad Vallance leading, Cam Reif would bring out the yellow as he came to a stop coming off of turn 4. On the restart Matt Bourey would find himself as the new leader on lap 4. By lap 11 Cedric Gauvreau would find his way around Cory Castell for the number 2 spot and also get past Bourey for the lead. Gauvreau would have the field covered and park it into Victory Lane.


358 Good Leaf race #2: 40 laps
1. Micheal Maresca 2. Gage Morin 3. Chris Raabe 4. Jackson Gill 5. Jordan McCreadie 6. Preston Forbes 7. Brian McDonald 8. Ryan Arbuthnot 9. Jeff Sykes 10. Louis Jackson Jr 11. Lucas Fuller 12. Matt Woodruff 13. Justin Stone 14. Jarrett Herbsion 15. Chris Frennier 16. Tommy Jock Jr 17. Bruce Makinson 18. Dan Reif 19. Darryl Mitchell

Dirtcar Pro Stocks 20 laps
1. Zack Daniels 2. Eli Gilbert 3. Marc Lalonde 4. Justin White 5. Kevin Fetterly Jr 6. Denis Gauvreau 7. Stephan Lebrun 8. Roch Aubin 9. Louis Jackson 10. Ian Bressette 11. Blayne Nichols 12. Eric Jean Louis 13. Bruno Richard 14. Owen White 15. Anthony Mossow

Dirtcar Sportsman 25 laps
1. Cedric Gauvreau 2. Cory Castell 3. Matt Bourey 4. Ricky Thompson 5. Bently Gray 6. Fire Swamp 7. Thomas Cook 8. Jason Rose 9. Shane Pecore 10. Robert Delormier 11. Blayden Arquette 12. Casey Swamp 13. Dale Gonyo Jr 14. Kristian Smoke 15. Josh Jock 16. Josh Pete 17. Chad Vallance 18. Dustin Bradley 19. Steve Bushey Jr 20. Dan Brown 21. Eugene Tarbell 22. Delbert Legrow Jr 23. Greg Snyder 24. Cam Reif 25. Billy Cook

Mod Lites 12 laps
1. Harley Brown 2. Tristan Dibble 3. Wayne Dibble 4. Jack Lyon 5. Dustin Woods
Please remember we are racing on Thursday July 28th as Frenchies presents the Annual Memorial Cup.

There will NOT be racing on Friday July 29th!

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