Mohawk & Airborne Raceways Create A New Unique eCigs Sportsman Series

Story By: DON SIMPSON – HOGANSBURG, NY – Mohawk Raceway officials have recently confirmed a new series for the Sportsman Modified class. There will be a five-race series over the 2018 season consisting of 50 laps each, starting with the opening event on May 26 at the Airborne Speedway.

The series was formed jointly over the last few months between John Lazore of the Mohawk Speedway and John Walker of the Airborne Speedway, in hopes of improving the track rivalry, which has naturally come about during the last season as teams from each track challenged one another over 2017. Both owners wanted to create a specific series for the Sportsman Modifieds. John Walker explains as they are often left aside by the 358 Modifieds. With this new series, it puts the Sportsman class to the forefront, giving them the spotlight over 2018. This will also provide fans with some good racing as teams challenge for the series title. The Sportsman series has been great for the Mohawk Raceway over the years; “it’s the same at Airborne,” explains Mr. Lazore. By creating this series, its a win for both the fans and tracks, and it was only natural to create such a series with each track being so close to one another.

John Lazore then put forth the concept to friend, Michael Frennier the General Manager of Unique e-Cigs that has been in business for eight years with 10 locations. Michael agreed that this was a great idea for both tracks and fans. He looks forward to working closely with both John Lazore and John Walker over the coming season.

The announcement of the Unique eCigs sportsman series is a positive move for both tracks and the fans will have no shortage of drivers to cheer for as each track, boosting a roster of around 25 teams along with potentially drawing additional teams from surrounding tracks. Fans should see some good heads up racing from the likes of Connor Cleveland, Jamy Begor and Moise Page from the Airborne Speedway, taking on Johnathan Ferguson, Thomas Cook and Brent Kelsey from the Mohawk Raceway.

As mentioned, the series’ opener will be at Airborne Speedway on May 26, followed by the Mohawk Raceway on July 20. August 11 will host the third event at the Airborne Speedway followed by August 31 at the Mohawk Raceway. The final and deciding event will be held on Friday, September 14 during the Annual Super DirtCar, Weekend. The series’ race purse structure will be the same as DirtCar funds.

With the creation of this series, both John walker and John Lazore are excited about this new venue and look forward to seeing how it unfolds for fans. There has been some discussion that if this goes well they may expand the idea to other classes; however, both have said this is very early stages.

As both tracks expand their race series, they are working together to bring a better venue for fans and racers alike, and are eager to get the season underway.