Notice From MIR Regarding Show-Up Points Issue From June 15th Event

To: 358 Modified competitors
From: MIR Race Director, PJ Herne
RE: Show Up points issue from June 15, 2018 event

Date: July 5, 2018

On June 15, 2018 we hosted a regular show for all classes at MIR, however, it was also during this night that a Super Dirt Series Big Block event was also scheduled on the same night which would cause some of our regular competitors to miss our regularly scheduled show. We were aware of this potential conflict in the Spring of 2018 while we were finalizing our schedule and the tentative Big Block Super Dirt Schedule was being publicly released. Furthermore, we were not able to address the situation prior to the printing of the track schedules. As such we had considered different options such as making our event show up points, or permitting competitors to effectively ‘drop’ their lowest point night at MIR from calculating track points.

We can begin by providing that there is no clear guidance in such issues in our current track procedures, and even less so with regard to the ‘DIRT Rulebook’. However, we do highlight from the rule book sections 6.0 and 8.0 which provide: “Note: DIRTcar member track rules, procedure or common practice may deviate from the following posted procedures. The local track rules will apply in areas of conflict and should be confirmed by all participants.” Likewise, section 9.0 provides “A. There may be special event shows during the year that do not follow the Series racing formats.”

Next the issue of show points, bonus points, and replacement points is addressed in the DIRT Rulebook, which are covered in the following sections: Section 10 “A. 90(show up) points will be awarded to all members in good standing…”, “C. If a race is cancelled and rescheduled and a member in good standing is unable to return due to extenuating circumstances, then that member may be awarded show-up points …”, Bonus Points Schedule “E. If a race is cancelled after racing activities have started due to inclement weather 60 ‘show up’ points will be awarded to each driver in attendance.”, Section 10 “Replacement Races A. The driver may begin replacing Event Points after the driver completes the minimum number of races. C. Replacement races start with a driver’s lowest Event Points race. D. A driver will never lose points with a replacement.” We provide these sections to show that contrary to many opinion there is some ‘flexibility’ built into the rules to assist driver’s and teams which may be facing various situations or scenarios.

In light of the foregoing, we had posted a Press Release on the MIR web site on June 12, 2018 which was prior to the June 15, 2018 event. That release contained the following language:

“The Twin Leaf Stores 358 Modified division will be back after a week off for a regular 30 lap contest, along with the return of the Bandit division. With only show up points on the line for the 358 Modifieds, it will be all about getting the win as many drivers so far this year are winless and will be pulling out all the stops to get to victory lane.”

Therefore, prior to the June 18, 2018 event the decision was made to provide ‘show up’ points in the hopes of accommodating some of or regular competitors who had a conflict, which was created by the scheduling of events which was outside of our control.

At the conclusion of the June 15, 2018 event there was some discussion and clearly some heated discussion with respect to the ‘points’ for that night. There has been some indication that ‘regular points’ would be applied as being based upon a decision made that night. This is contrary to our own track procedures which provide that: Section 6 “For questions regarding events, rules, etc, all competitors should seek out an MIR official prior to the weekly race program commencing.“ Therefore questions should have been presented between June 12, 2018 when the announcement of ‘show up points’ was made and the commencement of the racing event which occurred on June 15, 2018.

Next, if there was truly an issue then the Track procedures should have been followed, as they provide:


MIR does NOT stop a racing program to hear appeals from any driver or crew member. Any person who attempts to interrupt a racing program will be subject to discipline.

Any and ALL appeals made by driver or team owner, should be prepared for submission at the end of the racing program when all MIR officials are available.

(Helpful Hint: to appeal the person MUST have a DIRT Motorsports membership, and teams are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner)

With respect to any appeals made, it is very likely that a FINAL decision will NOT be rendered at the time the appeal was made (e.g. at the conclusion of the racing program). MIR will likely conduct its own interviews and accept any type of material to assist MIR Officials in rendering a decision. In addition, by the following Tuesday or Wednesday (based upon MIR officials availability) there will be conducted a meeting between the MIR Officials and any appealing drive or team owner.

Any and EVERY appeal will likely result in a written decision which WILL BE SHARED AMONGST ALL COMPETITORS. MIR does this so that: 1. All competitors know the nature of the appeal, 2. All competitors are aware of the decision made, and 3. That the decision becomes part of the records of MIR so if a similar issue occurs in the future MIR will already have a decision indicating how MIR is likely to respond [Prior decisions of this nature are available at the MIR Offices for review]
[our emphasis]

In the current situation it does not appear that this has been followed, and there does not appear that a formal protest was filed either. See Track Procedures PROTESTS.

Finally, on June 15, 2018 certain officials and senior MIR management were not present at the event, and other officials had to be moved around to run the event. This clearly contributed to what occurred, or what was permitted to occur outside of the normal track procedures.


Based upon the foregoing, we now decide that the finish of the June 15, 2018 event will be adjusted to comply with the announcement made on June 12, 2018, in that show up points will be awarded to a MIR regular competitor in good standing who attempted qualify at any DIRT sanctioned event on June 15, 2018. These will be for 50 points. As such, the track points will be updated and posted as soon as possible.

We apologize for all of the unnecessary confusion which has transpired and we will continue to work on any scheduling conflicts which face our competitors in the future. We hope to do this through an adjustment to our Race Procedures and the calculation of track points, as well as working with DIRT Motorsports on any scheduling conflicts.