Thompson Returns To Victory Lane At Mohawk International Raceway Friday

By: BRIAN PAGE – HOGANSBURG, NY – With much rain overnight the Track Prep crew was faced with a daunting challenge to have the race track ready for Friday evening. However as much of a challenge Mother Nature has presented MIR with this season, the staff has been up to the challenge. With 4 divisions set to go along with an Enduro qualifier, the speedway was prepared for some very fast feature events.

First to take the speedway for their Feature would be the always exciting Bandit division. Multi time winner Frances White would start from the pole along side the ever improving Jacob Fountain. However it would be over before it got started, as White would put on a dominating performance from the first green flag and lead all 8 laps to pick up another win.

Next up would see the Mod Lites venture onto the raceway for their 15 lap event. After witnessing Tristan Dibble dominate his heat race and starting from the pole, the feature would see Tristan Dibble lead it wire to wire and pick up his first ever career victory in Mod Lites.

The Novice Sportsman would be up next up for their 15 lap affair. Ty David would lead from the pole after picking up the win in his heat race. However Blayden Arquette would start dead last in the event and demonstrate that he is a quick learner. Xavier Delormier would lead the first 9 laps before Arquette would take the lead on a restart. Arquette would go on to pick up win #3 of the year in the Novice Class.

The final feature would see the CrossRoads Tobacco Sportsman take the main stage for 25 laps. After experiencing more than his fair share of tough breaks this season, Rickey Thompson appeared to be on a mission. Thompson would start from the 4th spot and quickly gain the top spot. On Lap 4, Cory Castell’s left front would give way entering Turn 3 as he was in the 5th position. As he would try to exit out of harm’s way in Turn 4, he would collect Dustin Bradley and Casey Swamp. Bradley and Swamp would require assistance back to the pit area after sustaining some heavy damage. All three drivers would be ok. On the restart, Thompson would wait for no one and quickly open a sizable lead again. However on Lap 14, Bryan McGinley’s night would come to an end as his car clipped a yuke tire coming out of Turn 2 ending his racing for the evening. On the Lap 14 restart, Thompson once again walked away from the field and would go on to pick up his 1st win of the season and his 3rd overall in a Sportsman at Mohawk. Thompson said post race the difference was a gear change which allowed his car to be like a rocket all night.

Next week, the Mohawk International Raceway will see the CrossRoads Tobacco Sportsman, Novice Sportsman, Mod Lites and Bandits. First green flag will drop at 7:30pm!

CrossRoads Tobacco Sportsman:

1. R.Thompson 2. M.Delormier 3. J.Pete 4. DJ Gonyo 5. J.Begor 6. Z.Arquette 7. N.Heywood 8. D.Reif 9. F.Swamp 10. D.Legrow Sr 11. G.Snyder 12. D.Legrow Jr 13. D.Ellsworth 14. K.Smoke 15. D.Mitchell 16. M.Rush 17.B.Cook 18. M.Bourey 19.B.McGinely 20. B.Gray 21.C.Castell 22.C.Swamp 23. D.Bradley DNS T.Cook

Novice Sportsman:

1. B.Arquette 2. T.David 3. S.Bushey Jr 4. C.Reif 5. C.Vallance 6.P.Stacey 7. D.Gonyo 8. X.Delormier 9. B.Reif 10. B.Reif

Mod Lites:

1. T.Dibble 2. N.Mallette 3. J.Premo 4. H.Brown 5. S.Sharpe 6. J.Lyon 7. W.Dibble 8.S.Shatraw DNS J.Putnam


1. F.White 2. R.Gay 3. M.Parker 4. J.Fountain 5. C.Agoney 6. H.Snyder 7. L.Sharlow 8. C.Smith