Carey Terrance Takes First Of 2022 Season Friday Night At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – After some torrendous rain all day Thursday, the Track Crew had a daunting task ahead to have the track ready to go for Friday. However their efforts paid off as 5 divisions enjoyed a very well prepped surface all evening. As the temperatures and humidity went up so did the action on the track.

The bandits would be ready for their 10 lap event after some very quick heat racing.
Gary Sharlow, last week’s feature winner would fire from the pole. To his outside it would be Nate Leonard. On lap 1 would go to the inside and quickly gain the lead. However at the flag stand Leonard would go to the high side to get around Sharlow for the lead. On lap 7 Sharlow would lean on Leonard but Leonard was able to hold on to the lead. On the final lap, the lap car of Hunter Snyder would be the advantage which Sharlow was looking for. Sharlow would collect his 2nd win of the season over Nate Leonard.

The 358 modifieds were up next as Brian McDonald and Carey Terrance would fire from the front. Terrance would waste no time as he opened a sizeable lead on the first lap and would break away by Lap 4. McDonald and Raabe would fight it for the number 2 spot. However the handling of McDonald’s car would go away on Lap 15 and it would bring out the yellow. Corey Wheeler would inherit the 2nd spot as he was able to work his way around Raabe. On the double file restart,Terrance would once again get off to a great start and start to break away again. The yellow would come out again on Lap 17.

On the Lap 17 restart, Terrance would once again leave everyone in his rear view mirror and go on to lead the remaining 13 laps to pick up his first win of the season.

Terrance remarked in Victory Lane, ” The track was super fast tonight and this car was hooked up.”

The Sportsman were next to enter the track for their 25 lap feature, Fire Swamp and Jason Rose would start up front. However Cedric Gauvreau had other ideas on this night, as by Lap 2 he over took Swamp and Rose to gain the lead. Despite a couple late race yellows, no one would be able to come within striking distance of Gauvreau and he would bring it home to VIctory Lane for the first time of the season.

The Pro Stocks would take the track for their 20 lap affair and it would be Bruno Richard and Zack Daniels would take the green. On Lap 2 Ian Bresette would bring out the yellow as he would park his machine off Turn 4 in the infield. On Lap 7 debris would bring out the yellow again. Bruno RIchard would hold off a hard charging Kevin Fetterly Jr for the last 5 laps as they would race side by side until Lap 20 when Richard would beat Fetterly by a nose at the line.

Richard credited his wife and his mother with the win. Richard stated, ” I wasn’t supposed to be racing tonight, so I have to credit this win to my wife and my mother. I got home at 3:15am from Can Am Thursday morning. My wife worked on the car on Thursday and my Mother prepped the tires for tonight.”

The final feature of the night would see the Novice Sportsman take the track for 15 laps. It wouldn’t take very long for the winner to be decided as last week’s feature winner Cameron Reif would leave the field in his wake and would go on pick up his 2nd consecutive feature.

Next weekend the annual Memorial Cup along with Sportsman, Novice Sportsman, Pro Stocks and Bandits. The green flag drops at 7:30pm!


Dirtcar 358:
1. C.Terrance 2. C. Wheeler 3. C. Raabe 4. J. Jackson 5. D.Mitchell 6. M.Mulder 7. J.Stone 8. T. Jock 9. M.Stacey 10. M. Woodruff 11. B. McDonald 12. G. Morin 13. T.Stone

Dirtcar Sportsman:
1. C. Gauvreau 2. E.Gauvreau 3. D. Gonyo 4. J.Rose 5. T. Cook 6. T. Back 7. F. Swamp 8. D. Legrow 9. S. Bushey Jr 10. C. Swamp 11. J. Pete 12. R. Thompson 13. G.Snyder 14. B. Arquette 15. E. Tarbell 16. C. Vallance 17. M. Fewster 18. D. Reif 19. M. Bourey 20. B. Cook 21. D. Jalbert 22. B. Gray 23. S. Pecore 24. J. Rush 25. D. Bradley 26. M. Rush

Dirtcar Pro Stocks:
1. B. Richard 2. K. Fetterly Jr 3. J. White 4. E. Gilbert 5. B. Ward 6. T. Bushey 7. M. Lalonde 8. J. Clark 9. Dennis Gauvreau 10. I. Bressette 11. E. Jean-Louis 12. B. Nichols 13. R. Aubin 14. Z. Daniels

Novice Sportsman:
1. C. Reif 2. P. Stacey 3. D. Gonyo 4. S. Trembley 5. T. Lamica 6. T. David

1. G.Sharlow 2. N. Leonard 3. J. Trapp 4. N. Harden 5. J. Fountain 6. E. Brown 7. J. Putnam 8. H.Snyder 9. M. Tarbell 10. M. Parker