Dave Rogers Finds Victory Lane At Mohawk International Raceway Friday Night


HOGANSBURG, NY – After Mother Nature had collected 3 wins already on the season, a Friday night show was all set to go on The Daily Grind/Smoker’s Hidway night.

The Sportsman would headline the field of Novice Sportsman, Pro Stocks, Bandits and Mod Lites. Once again the track prep crew had a tall order to have the surface ready after significant rain in the past few weeks. However the track was prepared in the usual top notch fashion.

After heat races things were set for the Novice Sportsman for their 10 lap feature. Blaze Benedict would start from the pole along side Ty David. Benedict would make short work of the feature and would go on to lead all 10 laps to pick up win #1 of the season.

Next up would be the Bandits for 10 laps as Frances White and Jacob Fountain would fire from the front row. Frances White would lead all 10 laps to pick up the win.

Before intermission a strong field of Mod Lites would venture onto the raceway for their 15 lap affair. Kevin Boucher would go uncontested to pick up win #2 of the season at MIR.

The DirtCar Sportsman (non points) would be the first feature set to fire, after a brief intermission, for 25 laps. Dave Rogers would start on the pole along side Jason Rose. On the start, coming off turn 2, the red flag would be shown as Tammy Jalbert would strike the backstretch wall on the passenger side. Jalbert would be ok. On the restart Rogers and Rose would fire into turn 1 with Casey Swamp hot on their heels. The yellow would be come out on Lap 21 for a car who went off the backstretch. On the single file restart, Rogers would have Casey Swamp nipping at his heels. However Rose would be a little quicker from the bottom and move into the #2 spot to challenge Rogers. Rose and Rogers would race side by side until on Lap 21 the yellow would come out for a multi car incident in Turn 4.

On the restart Rogers would pull away from the field to pick up the win.

The Pro stocks would be the last feature to go for 20 laps. Justin White and Roch Aubin would fire from the front row. However Justin White would gain the early lead. On Lap 10 Zach Daniels, who started 3rd, would begin to challenge White for the lead. The two cars would race side by side for 10 laps until Bruno Richard got past Daniels for the number 2 position. A yellow on lap 18 would be displayed for a car that had gone off the speedway in turn 1. On the final restart Richard just to duck underneath White, however White’s car was hooked up on the high side and he drove home to Victory Lane.

Dirtcar Sportsman (non points):
1. D. Rogers 2. J.Rose 3. M.Delmorier 4. R. Thompson 5. C.Swamp 6. B.Gray 7. D.Legrow Jr 8. C.Castell 9. D.Bradley 10. T.Back 11. D.Reif 12. B.Cook 13. F.Swamp 14. C.Vallance 15. K.Smoke 16. C.Reif 17. B. Arquette 18. M.Bourey 19. E. Tarbell 20. S. Bushey 21. G.Snyder 22. M.Rush 3. J.Rush 24. T.Jalbert

DirtCar Pro Stocks:
1. Justin White 2. B.Richard 3. E.Gilbert 4. Z.Daniels 5. M.Lalonde 6. L.Jackson 7. R.Aubin 8. D.Gauvreau 9. S.Lebrun 10. K. Fetterly 11. B.Nichols 12.T.Bushey 13. E.Loyer 14. A.Mossow

Novice Sportsman:
1. B.Benedict 2. T. David 3. T.Lamica 4. S.Trombley

1. F.White 2. 22x 3. N.Leonard 4.G.Sharlow 5. 71 6. G.Engstrom 7. R.Gay 8. M. Tarbell 9. J.Putnam (DNS)

Mod Lites:
1. K.Boucher 2. H. Brown 3. T.Dibble 4. J.Premo 5. A.Forcier 6. M.Forcier 7. D.Desnoyers 8. F.Liliberte 9. G.Comeau 10. J.Lyon 11. S.Comeau 12. W.Dibble