Chris Raabe Wins On Snap-On Tools Night At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – The theme of the 2022 racing season would most likely be Mother Nature had found her fair share of wins. However on a very warm Friday August evening a full field of 6 divisions would be on hand. The Twin Leaf Series would also be on the card for the Sportsman.

First up it would be the Novice Sportsman for 15 laps. It would be Dillion Cole and Kyle Reif to start from the front row. On lap 1 Dale Gonyo would move up from the 5th spot to second as Dillion Cole would lead. By lap 3 Cole would open a sizeable advantage with Gonyo in pursuit. On lap 9, Kyle Reif would come to a stop off of turn 4 bringing out the first yellow in the 15 lap affair. On the restart Cole once again began to break away, however Pryor Stacey would make quick work of Gonyo for the number 2 spot. With the white flag in the air as Stacey caught Cole and would go to the bottom grove in Turn 1 to take the lead. Stacey would hang on and pick up the win.

The Bandits would be up next for 10 laps as Ryan Gay and Jake Fountain would be the first to see the green. With no laps complete, the yellow would come out for Gary Sharlow. On the restart, Fountain would be the quickest and remain the leader until Sharlow would catch him on lap 3 and take the lead. However the black flag would be displayed for Sharlow on lap 5 for jumping the restart. Nick Harden would inherit the lead as Fountain would slow on the backstretch. This would bring out the yellow as Fountain would come to a stop off of turn 3. On the restart Nick Harden would take the lead and go on to pick up his first and final win in a Bandit. Nick noted in Victory Lane the car had just been sold this evening prior to the race.

The Mod Lites would enter the race track for their 12 lap event. Tristan Dibble and Harley Brown would start from the front row. Harley Brown would jump to the early lead with Tristan Dibble keeping pace. On lap 3 the yellow would come out as Tim Smythe would spin in turn 4. On the start Brown would again lead as Dibble would venture to the top side in hopes of gaining the lead. By lap 5 Dibble would take the lead with Brown in second. Dibble would go unchallenged the rest of the way and go on to pick up the win.

The Dirtcar Prostocks would be up next for 20 laps. Marc Lalonde would start from the pole position with Kevin Fetterly Jr starting to his outside. On lap 3 the yellow would be displayed as Eric Jean Louis would come to a stop entering turn 4. On the restart, Fetterly would remain the leader but Zach Daniels would begin to pressure him by lap 6. On lap 7 Daniels would get by Fetterly for the lead coming off turn 2. Daniels would not lose the top spot and go back to back at Mohawk picking up the win.

The Twin Leaf Series Sportsman would take to the track for their 35 lap feature. Eugene Tarbell would fire from the pole and see Casey Swamp along side. On the first lap Casey Swamp would gain the number one spot. Shane Pecore would take over the lead by lap 4. Pecore would begin to pull away from the field as Thomas Cook would slip underneath Swamp for the second position. On lap 10 the red flag would come out as Jean Mathieu Raymond car would show flames. With the fire quickly extinguished the lap 10 restart would see Shane Pecore elect to start from the bottom side with Thomas Cook taking the outside. Pecore would get off to a quick restart and beat Cook to turn 1 to maintain the lead. Pecore would continue to lead until on lap 20 as heavy lap traffic would be the equalizer. Cook would be able to catch Pecore and pass him on lap 22. However by lap 25 a lap car would halt the progress of Cook and Pecore would regain the lead. On lap 27 Billy Cook would come to a stop on the front stretch with heavy smoke emitting from under the hood. With the track clear and 8 laps to go, Pecore and Thomas Cook would once again battle on the restart. On the restart, Pecore would once again fire quickly and jump out to the lead. From there Pecore would see a clear track in front of him and would park it in Victory Lane.

The final feature of the evening would see the Dirtcar 358 modifieds for 30 laps. Daryl Mitchell would start on the pole and Tommy Jock Jr would be to his outside. On lap 2, Justin Stone would gain the lead after starting 3rd. By lap 12 Chris Raabe would begin to set his sights on the Stone car and eventually slip past him for the lead on lap 14. By lap 19 Raabe would be in a class by himself as he had half a track lead over Stone. Raabe would be on a mission and would lap over half the field to pick up the win.


1. Chris Raabe 2. Justin Stone 3. Ryan Arbuthnot 4. Micheal Maresca 5. JF Corriveau 6. Johnny Jackson 7. Tommy Jock Jr 8. Matt Woodruff 9. Daryl Mitchell 10. Mike Stacey 11. Greg Snyder 12. Bruce Makinson 13. Tim Smythe 14. Gage Morin 15. Melvin Rush 16. Todd Stone 17. Chris Frennier 18.Brian McDonald

A Feature 1 (35 Laps): 1. 0-Shane Pecore[5]; 2. 35-Thomas Cook[8]; 3. 04-Dale Gonyo Jr[6]; 4. 84P-Josh Pete[7]; 5. 44-Casey Swamp[2]; 6. 19-Jamy Begor[12]; 7. 1R-Ricky Thompson[11]; 8. 83D-Dustin Bradley[14]; 9. 9-Kristian Smoke[18]; 10. 7D-Eugene Tarbell[1]; 11. 10X-Cory Castell[22]; 12. 27A-Gilles Godard[15]; 13. 8-Steve Bushey[17]; 14. 71-Delbert Legrow Jr[4]; 15. 03-Joshua Jock[9]; 16. 22G-Gorden Clair[13]; 17. 29-Chad Vallance[3]; 18. 18JR-Jason Rose[19]; 19. 51-Matthew Bourey[21]; 20. 88-Fire Swamp[10]; 21. 38-Jean Mathieu Raymond[16]; 22. 9S-Bentley Gray[25]; 23. 18X-Blayden Arquette[23]; 24. 00-Camron Reif[24]; 25. M70-Billy Cook[20]

1. Zach Daniels 2. Bruno Richard 3. Kevin Fetterly Jr 4. Eli Gilbert 5. Denis Gauvreau 6. Justin White 7. Roch Aubin 8. Yves Hamel 9. Marc Lalonde 10. Ian Bressette 11. Jim Clarke 12. Louie Jackson 13. BurtonWard 14. Eric Loyer 15. Eric Jean-Louis 16. Blayne Nichols

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 125-Nicholas Harnden[6]; 2. 7G-Ryan Gay[1]; 3. 17E-Glenn Engstrom[5]; 4. 77S-Hunter Snyder[7]; 5. 7D-Macey Tarbell[9]; 6. 19D-Dylan Kipp[4]; 7. 22-Jacob Fountain[2]; 8. (BF) 80J-Gary Sharlow[3]; 9. (DNS) 16-Jeff Putnam

A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 4-Tristan Dibble[2]; 2. 8-Harley Brown[1]; 3. 427-Francis Laliberte[5]; 4. 5-Dustin Woods[3]; 5. 11X-Jack Lyon[4]; 6. (DNS) 33D-Wayne Dibble

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 23-Pryor Stacey[5]; 2. D1-Dillon Cole[1]; 3. 04G-Dale Gonyo[4]; 4. 11X-Devon Guyette[10]; 5. 4D7-Blaze Benedict[7]; 6. 327-Bob Laware[6]; 7. 14-Ty David[11]; 8. 7J-Jacory Thompson[8]; 9. 00T-Terry Lamica[3]; 10. 1W-Kyle Reif[2]; 11. 25S-Steven Tremblay[9]