Cedric Gauvreau Wins DIRTcar Sportsman Series Race At Mohawk International Raceway


HOGANSBURG, NY – On a beautfiul sunny summer evening the Mohawk International Raceway welcomed the Dirt car Sportsman series race along with the Dirtcar Pro Stocks, Novice Sportsman and Bandit divisions. With a handful of races left in the 2022 season drivers were looking to make a name for themselves. After the heat races had concluded it was time for the features.
First up it would be the Novice Sportsman for 15 laps. Dillion Cole would start from the pole and beside him it would be Steven Tremblay. With the first green flag in the air, it would be Cole beating the field off of turn 2 and would begin to pull away from Tremblay by lap 2. Xavier Delormier would slip past Tremblay on lap 5 and start to run down Cole. However Dillion Cole would be too tough to beat this week and would go on to pick up the win.

The Bandits would be the last feature before intermission for 12 laps. Jake Fountain and Jeff Putnam would be the first two cars to see the green. NIck Harden would quickly gain the lead from the 3rd starting spot as the cars sailed down the backstretch on lap 1. By lap 4 Francis White would begin to challenge Harden and would complete the pass entering turn 3. White would drive away for the final 8 laps and park it into Victory Lane.

The Dirtcar Sportsman would hit the track for their 40 lap event. Jessica Power and Travis Bruno would start from the front row. Travis Bruno would jump to the early lead on lap 1 and would lead until on lap 15 as Shane Pecore pass Bruno at the flag stand. Thomas Cook would move past Bruno for the number 2 spot on lap 17 and start to run down Pecore. On lap 21 Cedric Gauvreau would use the heavy lap track to duck past Cook then Pecore for the lead. However by lap 22 Pecore would over take Gauvreau coming off of turn 2. Gauvreau would be able to use the lap traffic and get past Cook for the second spot on lap 27. The drama would just begin as Gauvreau would regain the lead on lap 37 as he made a move to the outside of Pecore. Pecore would do all he could to get back to Gauvreau but it was not to be as Gauvreau would score the win the Dirtcar Sportsman Series win.

The Pro Stocks would be the final feature of the evening as Marc Lalonde would start on the pole position for the 20 lap event. On lap 1 Justin White would go to the highside and clear Lalonde as the cars came off of turn 2. The race to watch would be between Marc Lalonde and Bruno Richard as they would exchange the number 2 spot for the first ten laps. The two cars would begin to catch White and would be three wide coming off 4 with 5 to go. On lap 18 Richard would gain the lead after White had led all the laps up until that point. As Richard was leading entering 2 ,White would try to go inside but backed off to avoid making contact with the leader. White would end up sliding to the infield bringing out the yellow for the only time in the feature. With one to go, Bruno Richard would make quick work of Lalonde to park it into Victory lane again at MIR for the 5th time this season.


Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 90-Francis White[6]; 2. 19D-Dylan Kipp[4]; 3. 125-Nicholas Harnden[3]; 4. 17E-Glenn Engstrom[5]; 5. 25-Brett Manor[8]; 6. 77S-Ryan Gay[7]; 7. 198-Jeff Putnam[2]; 8. (DNS) 7D-Macey Tarbell; 9. (DNS) 22-Jacob Fountain

Feature (40 Laps): 1. 22C-Cedric Gauvreau[10]; 2. 0-Shane Pecore[4]; 3. 35-Thomas Cook[3]; 4. 52-Jessica Power[1]; 5. 94-Gabriel Cyr[6]; 6. 33-Travis Bruno[2]; 7. 32RS-Ryan Shanahan[7]; 8. 18JR-Jason Rose[18]; 9. 10-Robert Delormier[12]; 10. 42-Daryl Nutting[9]; 11. 44-Dave Rogers[11]; 12. 57H-Remington Hamm[13]; 13. 88-Fire Swamp[22]; 14. 18X-Blayden Arquette[8]; 15. 19-Jamy Begor[19]; 16. 04-Dale Gonyo Jr[14]; 17. 10X-Cory Castell[20]; 18. 83D-Dustin Bradley[24]; 19. 51-Matthew Bourey[5]; 20. 8-Steve Bushey[23]; 21. 03-Joshua Jock[28]; 22. 22-Dylan Rabtoy[31]; 23. 84P-Josh Pete[27]; 24. 1R-Ricky Thompson[30]; 25. 2-Taylor Doxtater[25]; 26. 9-Kristian Smoke[26]; 27. 44S-Casey Swamp[32]; 28. 71-Delbert Legrow Jr[16]; 29. 66B-Jason Bruno[29]; 30. 18C-Chris Cayea[21]; 31. M70-Billy Cook[17]; 32. 54G-Greg Snyder[33]; 33. (DNF) 88J-Justin Cyr[15]

Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 72-Bruno Richard[3]; 2. 8-Marc Lalonde[1]; 3. 72G-Denis Gauvreau[4]; 4. 30-Zach Daniels[7]; 5. 75-Eli Gilbert[5]; 6. 18-Louis Jackson[10]; 7. 4-Roch Aubin[8]; 8. 6-Stephen Lebrun[6]; 9. 22B-Blayne Nichols[9]; 10. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[12]; 11. 1X-Justin White[2]; 12. 9-Eric Jean Louis[11]
A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. D1-Dillon Cole[1]; 2. 14-Ty David[3]; 3. 11X-Devon Guyette[5]; 4. 18-Tony Arquette[9]; 5. 25S-Steven Tremblay[2]; 6. 4D7-Blaze Benedict[7]; 7. 57J-Jason Fetterly[6]; 8. 7J-Jacory Thompson[8]; 9. 00T-Terry Lamica[10]; 10. (DQ) 34-Xavier Delormyer[4]