Raabe Wins His Fourth Memorial Cup And Bradley Wins In Sportsman Friday At Mohawk


HOGANSBURG, NY – They say the 3rd time is the charm and that was the case as the Memorial Cup was able to be completed. After 2 other previous attempts the Memorial Cup was awarded in conjunction with round 3 of the Good Leaf series. The Sportsman, Pro Stocks, Novice Sportsman and the Bandits were also on hand. Many first time drivers were also at the raceway on this beautiful summer evening.

The first feature of the night to see the track was the Novice Sportsman class. Steven Tremblay and Ty David. David would fire off of turn 2 as the leader on lap 1. From there David would leave the field in his dust and would pick up the win.

The Bandit division would make their way to the track for their 15 lap event. Jake Fountain and Frances White would be the first to see the green flag. On lap 1 White would be the leader with Fountain falling into the number 2 spot with CJ Lavair running third. White would not be challenged and would go to pick another win.

The Sportsman would be next to be on the track, with Delbert Legrow Jr and Dustin Bradley to lead the charge for 25 laps. Legrow would lead lap 1 with Bradley hanging tough. By lap 5 Shane Pecore would begin his charge to the front. On lap 7 the yellow would come out as Blayden Arquette would come to stop on the front stretch. On the restart Bradley would charge to the outside to take the lead. By lap 17 Bradley would have a 10 car length lead over Legrow Jr. Dustin Bradley would pick up the win and the last time he won at Mohawk was almost exactly a year ago.

The 30th running of the Memorial Cup would be up next for 40 laps. Johnny Jackson Jr and Mike Stacey would kick things off for 40 laps. On the start Jackson’s car would come to an abrupt stop entering turn 3 on lap 1. Jackson would need a push to the pits. Brian McDonald would fire to the outside of Stacey on the outside and take the early lead off of turn 2. However by lap 5 Mike Maresca would begin apply pressure to McDonald for the lead. On lap 8 the side battle would begin between the two. On lap 11 Jordan McCreadie would get around McDonald for second. Maresca would begin to pull away. On lap 15 Cameron White would come to a stop on the back stretch and bring out the yellow. Maresca would get out to the lead again but his progress would be halted for the yellow on lap 19 as Jordan Kelly would drift off the track off of turn 1. Maresca would see his lead negated again for the yellow on lap 21. By lap 23 Maresca would feel the pressure of McCreadie. On lap 26 the red would come out as RJ Tressider would end on his roof on the backstretch. Tressider would be ok.

On the restart Maresca would lead entering turn 3 but McCreadie would be the new leader on lap 27. Maresca would change lanes to regain the lead on lap 29. On lap 30 Chris Raabe would begin to make his move in pursuit of his 4th Memorial Cup win. Maresca would stay on the bottom with 3 to go. Raabe would slip past McCreadie for spot number 2 and he would not be done. Coming off turn 4 on the final lap Raabe would rocket from the top spot to pick up his 4th Memorial Cup. Raabe stated in Victory Lane he began to loose power steering early on.

The Pro Stocks would be the last feature of the evening for 20 laps. Roch Aubin would start from the pole with Justin White to his outside. White would take the lead on lap. On lap 5 Zach Daniels, with back to back wins this season, would capture the lead from White. The yellow would be displayed on lap 15 as Eli Gilbert would park it on the front stretch. On the restart, Daniels would beat Richard entering turn 1. With one to go, Daniels and Bruno Richard would come together and bring out the yellow while battling for the lead entering turn 2. It would set up a green white checkers finish. Justin White would be the leader as the cars came off turn 4. White would go on to pick up the win.


Memorial Cup and Round 3 of the Good Leaf series

A Feature 1: 1. 01-Chris Raabe[11]; 2. 7MM-Michael Maresca[8]; 3. 28-Jordan McCreadie[6]; 4. 16-Gage Morin[20]; 5. 31-Lance Willix[3]; 6. 1X-Todd Stone[5]; 7. 66-Kyle Dingwall[9]; 8. 151K-Brian McDonald[4]; 9. 9-Tyler Meeks[13]; 10. 15X-Justin Stone[26]; 11. 7S-Shaun Shaw[16]; 12. 38J-Jarrett Herbison[7]; 13. 29-Preston Forbes[23]; 14. 29H-Nick Heywood[27]; 15. 47-Simon Perreault[24]; 16. 34-George Foley[18]; 17. 23-Mike Stacey[2]; 18. 36B-Dan Beachard[21]; 19. 23B-Cameron Black[25]; 20. 31J-Tommy Jock Jr[10]; 21. 879-Darryl Mitchell[22]; 22. 21R-RJ Tresidder[15]; 23. 74-Lucas Fuller[28]; 24. 81-Bruce Makinson[19]; 25. 55-Matt Woodruff[17]; 26. 24-Jordan Kelly[14]; 27. 23J-Jeff Sykes[12]; 28. 18J-Louis Jackson Jr[1]

1. 83D-Dustin Bradley[4]; 2. 04-Dale Gonyo Jr[11]; 3. 1-Robert Delormier[8]; 4. 0-Shane Pecore[16]; 5. 71-Delbert Legrow Jr[14]; 6. 22C-Cedric Gauvreau[10]; 7. 10X-Cory Castell[5]; 8. 44-Casey Swamp[20]; 9. 35-Thomas Cook[7]; 10. 18JR-Jason Rose[18]; 11. 88-Fire Swamp[22]; 12. 8-Steve Bushey[9]; 13. 63M-Franklin Mackin[15]; 14. 9-Kristian Smoke[19]; 15. 7D-Eugene Tarbell[23]; 16. 92T-Tristan Ladouceur[13]; 17. 6XX-Travis Back[2]; 18. M70-Billy Cook[6]; 19. 00-Camron Reif[17]; 20. 1R-Ricky Thompson[24]; 21. 18X-Blayden Arquette[1]; 22. 29-Chad Vallance[25]; 23. 51-Matthew Bourey[3]; 24. 9S-Bentley Gray[12]; 25. 54G-Greg Snyder[21]

Novice Sportsman
1. 14-Ty David[2]; 2. 11X-Devon Guyette[4]; 3. 23-Pryor Stacey[6]; 4. 34-Xavier Delormyer[5]; 5. D1-Dillon Cole[9]; 6. 4D7-Blaze Benedict[3]; 7. 37-Marco Mccarthy[10]; 8. 7J-Jacory Thompson[8]; 9. 57J-Jason Fetterly[12]; 10. 18-Tony Arquette[11]; 11. 25S-Steven Tremblay[1]; 12. 04G-Dale Gonyo[7]; 13. 327-Bob Laware[13]

Pro Stocks
1. 1X-Justin White[2]; 2. 8-Marc Lalonde[8]; 3. 6-Stephen Lebrun[10]; 4. 4-Roch Aubin[1]; 5. 32-Jonathan Levesque Levesque[7]; 6. 28-Burton Ward[11]; 7. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[3]; 8. 72G-Denis Gauvreau[4]; 9. 22B-Blayne Nichols[15]; 10. 38-Steve Chaput[16]; 11. 72-Bruno Richard[5]; 12. 102-Anthony Mossow[13]; 13. 30-Zach Daniels[6]; 14. 33-Bruno Cyr[12]; 15. 9-Ian Bressette[9]; 16. 75-Eli Gilbert[14]; 17. 5B-Eric Jean Louis[17]

A Feature 1: 1. 60-Francis White[2]; 2. C4-CJ LaVair[4]; 3. 11A-Joseph Orvis[5]; 4. 8D-Kevin Greenfield[6]; 5. 22-Jacob Fountain[1]; 6. 9MM-Jock Symonds[7]; 7. 125-Nicholas Harnden[9]; 8. 17E-Glenn Engstrom[3]; 9. 25-Brett Manor[10]; 10. 198-Jeff Putnam[14]; 11. 77S-Hunter Snyder[11]; 12. 79-Chuck Mooney[8]; 13. 7D-Macey Tarbell[12]; 14. 95G-Makaela Goddeau[13]