Ryan Arbuthnot Scores Showdown On The Border Win At Mohawk


HOGANSBURG, NY – With a beautiful week of wall to wall sunshine, the Mohawk International Raceway saw a full of pit of 358’s, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, Limited Sportsman, and Mini Stocks.

The feature winners of all classes, except the Limited Sportsman, would be locked into a guranteed starting position for the Cornwall Super Dirt Weekend on October 20, 21, and 22. After the heats and the redraws were done it was time for the features.

First up it would be the Mini Stocks for 15 laps. Firing from the pole it would be, Mike Greenfield with Curtis Lindsay to his outside. Greenfield would lead lap 1 with Frances White in his wheel tracks. By lap 3 White would take the lead from Greenfield. Frances White’s car would experience mechanical failure in the late stages of this feature and would head to the pits. MIke Greenfield would hold off the field with 5 to go and would pick up the win along with $500 plus a guaranteed position at Cornwall.

The Limited Sportsman would make their way onto the track for their 15 lap event. Tristan Ladoceour would see the first green flag. Dustin Woods would take the lead away on lap 2. Woods would go unchallenged and would earn the victory.

The next feature would see the 358’s for 40 laps plus a starting position in Cornwall in two weeks. Starting on the pole it would be Brian McDonald. McDonald would get off to a great start until Carey Terrance, who started 4th, would pick him off on lap 3. Terrance would venture to the topside of the speedway and set a torrid pace. However on lap 12, Terrance would come to a stop at the pit entrance to bring out the yellow. McDonald would become the new leader. On the restart, McDonald would get off to a great restart with Corey Wheeler keeping within striking distance. Ryan Arthbunot would get around Wheeler and would begin to challenge McDonald on lap 17. However Jonathan Ferguson would make his way around Arthbunot for the second position on lap 20. Arthbuthnot would not go away quietly as on lap 28 he would take the top spot. Artbuthnot and McDonald would exchange the lead for several laps, but Artbuthnot would come out on top to pick up the win.

The Sportsman would take to the track for their 30 lap event as well a guranteed starting spot at Cornwall. From the front row, Dan Jalbert and Shane Pecore would set the pace. The yellow would come out as a car came to stop on lap 3. On the restart, Pecore would clear the leader. Yan Bussiere would make his move to the topside and find himself in second place. On lap 9 the yellow would come out as a car slowed entering turn one. WIth the restart, Pecore and Bussiere would be equal entering turn one. Dale Gonyo would slip past Bussiere for the second spot and would see Pecore within his sights. The yellow came out again on lap 10 for a car that stopped on the front stretch. With the restart, Pecore would begin to clear himself from the pack of cars. Halfway home the race to watch was the battle for second between Bussiere, Tristan Ladoceur and Gabe Cyr. Cyr would take the number 2 spot by lap 22. With ten laps remaining Pecore would find himself all by himself up front. It would be all Shane Pecore on this evening and he would pick up his second consecutive win at Mohawk.

The last feature of the evening would see the Pro Stocks for 25 laps along with a guaranteed starting spot in Cornwall. The front row would see Zack Daniels and Ian Bressette fire first. Daniels would set the pace early on with Bressette and Sid Harmer Jr in pursuit. On lap 3 Harmer Jr would gain the lead with Bressette running in second. Harmer would have a quarter of a track by lap 10 as Marc Lalonde was in second place. Just past the halfway mark, Harmer was hooked up and was putting much distance between himself and the field. Harmer would not be contested and parked his car into Victory Lane.


358 Modifide Feature (40 Laps): 1. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot[7]; 2. 151K-Brian McDonald[1]; 3. 44-Johnathon Ferguson[8]; 4. 124C-Mario Clair[10]; 5. 47S-Corey Wheeler[2]; 6. 15B-Brianna Ladouceur[12]; 7. 77E-Ryan Stabler[5]; 8. 45R-Preston Forbes[3]; 9. 18J-Louis Jackson Jr[6]; 10. 66X-Carey Terrance[4]; 11. 17-Tristan Draper[11]; 12. 21H-Andy Howard[24]; 13. 7M-Madison Mulder[19]; 14. 74-Lucas Fuller[17]; 15. 97-Josianne Plante[9]; 16. 79-Maxime Plante[22]; 17. 66M-Corbin Millar[14]; 18. 23-Joey Ladouceur[16]; 19. X-Franklin Mackin[21]; 20. 18-Kalen Draper[13]; 21. 55-Matt Woodruff[20]; 22. 36B-Dan Beachard[26]; 23. 55R-Dan Reif[23]; 24. 44G-Sebastien Gougeon[15]; 25. 12W-Keith Weston[27]; 26. 23P-Mike Stacey[28]; 27. M16-Gage Morin[18]; 28. 1W-Brad reif[25


Battle on the Border (40 Laps): 1. 0-Shane Pecore[2]; 2. 33X-Moise Page[7]; 3. 04-Dale Gonyo Jr[11]; 4. 94J-Gabriel Cyr[8]; 5. 19-Jamy Begor[4]; 6. 83D-Dustin Bradley[17]; 7. 21-Yan Bussiere[5]; 8. 29-Tanner Forbes[3]; 9. 18-Blayden Arquette[12]; 10. 44-Casey Swamp[13]; 11. 44G-Raphael Gougeon[6]; 12. 18C-Chris Cayea[18]; 13. 35-Thomas Cook[14]; 14. 92T-Tristan Ladouceur[9]; 15. 338-Pascal Payeur[15]; 16. 10X-Cory Castell[19]; 17. 9-Kristian Smoke[21]; 18. 91-Matthieu Laramee[23]; 19. 3-Adam Rozon[20]; 20. 87-Karl Loignon[25]; 21. 88-Fire Swamp[10]; 22. 54G-Greg Snyder[16]; 23. M70-Billy Cook[26]; 24. D1-Dillon Cole[24]; 25. 95-Dan Jalbert[1]; 26. 7D-Eugene Tarbell[27]; 27. 28-Eric Lauziere[28]; 28. 85-David Langlois[29]; 29. 29D


Pro Stock Feature (25 Laps): 1. 5-Sid Harmer Jr[5]; 2. 44X-Bruno Richard[12]; 3. 38JR-Justin Chaput[9]; 4. 8-Marc Lalonde[3]; 5. 22B-Blayne Nichols[4]; 6. 22X-Gabriel Caouette[10]; 7. 28-Burton Ward[7]; 8. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[11]; 9. 30-Zack Daniels[1]; 10. 5B-Ian Bressette[2]; 11. 2X-James Clarke[13]; 12. AK47-Joel Herne[19]; 13. 9-Eric Jean Louis[14]; 14. 72G-Denis Gauvreau[8]; 15. 4-Roch Aubin[16]; 16. 71-Delbert LaGrow Jr[21]; 17. 55-Joel Renaud[22]; 18. 3X-Mike Gaucher[23]; 19. M2-Anthony Mossow[18]; 20. 8X-Jayson Tolhurst[20]; 21. 64-Dan Desnoyers[15]; 22. 7S-Chad Vallance[25]; 23. 9S-Keegan Stowell[26]; 24. 11-Melvin Rush[27]; 25. 3-Jonathan Rush[24]; 26. 22-John Green[17]; 27. 23-Russell Alloggio[6]-Justin Desrosiers[22]; 30. 22S-Shane Stearns[30]

Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps): 1. 17-Mike Greenfield[1]; 2. 23-Justin Pope[21]; 3. 11A-Kevin Greenfield[3]; 4. 21-Corey Valade[6]; 5. 02-Durham JR[11]; 6. 88C-Curtis Lindsay[2]; 7. 125-Nicholas Harnden[8]; 8. 03-Speedy Bresette[4]; 9. 42X-Ken Tourville[15]; 10. 49-Christian Charbonneau[10]; 11. 75-Emily Massy[14]; 12. 3-Jason Bradley[12]; 13. 7D-Macy Tarbell[13]; 14. 07-cory Collin[19]; 15. 88X-TEHANONSAKHNION THOMPSON[20]; 16. 60-Francis White[5]; 17. 8X-Jock Symonds[24]; 18. 100-james Micintosh[9]; 19. 87-Steven Hennige[18]; 20. 17E-Glenn Engstrom[7]; 21. 73-John Brown[16]; 22. 79-Chuck Mooney[17]; 23. (DNS) 114-Felix Lavictoire; 24. (DNS) 33-Yanik Potvin


Limited Sportsman Feature (15 Laps): 1. 16-Dustin Woods[2]; 2. 21T-Trey Ladouceur[1]; 3. 37-Marc Olivier McCarthy[4]; 4. JR7-Jacory Thompson[8]; 5. 33X-Marco Poirier[12]; 6. 21-Skylar Ladouceur[14]; 7. 21L-Bob Laware[7]; 8. 18JR-Denis Rose[10]; 9. 17M-Madie Wallace[3]; 10. 314-Nick Mallette[11]; 11. 25S-Steven Tremblay[9]; 12. 63M-Anthony Brownell[13]; 13. 1-Thunder Anderson[6]; 14. (DNS) 1W-Kyle Reif